Sacred Nordic Tattoos

Nordic tattoos, Rune tattoos and Viking tattoos since 2010

Ginnungagap is the Great Void before the creation of the World in Nordic Mythology. The Great Gap cannot stand to be nothing. It must become something.

Are you looking for a highly personal Nordic tattoo designed individually for you? Look no further than Ginnungagap Art, a premier tattoo studio specializing in Nordic tattoos, Viking tattoos, and Rune tattoos. Drawing inspiration from the Cultural Heritage of Pre-Christian Scandinavia, in particular the Iron-, and Bronze Age.

At Ginnungagap Art, we are passionate about the Art and the Ritual of tattooing. We create tattoos using both machines and traditional hand-poking techniques, sometimes combining the two methods to craft unique and personalized pieces.

Whether you’re seeking a Nordic tattoo inspired by ancient traditions, a Viking tattoo that embodies strength and courage, or a Rune tattoo with deep symbolic meaning, our talented artists are here to bring your vision to life. Visit Ginnungagap Art and let us turn your tattoo dreams into reality. – And help turn your reality into your dreams.

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