The Farm

On Fyn in the middle of Denmark

in 2019 we bought the farm and moved the Studio and ourselves out of Copenhagen.

For a long time we had been looking to move out of the city and to a place with more air, space and freedom.

It was our hope that our clients from abroad would not be deterred by the fact that the studio was no longer in Copenhagen. It does not seem so, and we have had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world since we moved here.

The old farm is originally from 1827 and we are continuously renovating and fixing it up. Something we will probably be doing for many years to come.

The farm is in the tiny hamlet of Skydebjerg next to the village of Aarup. From Copenhagen it takes two hour by car, but it is also really easy to get here using public transport. There is a train station in Aarup, and there is a busstop one hundred meters from the farm with busses to and from Odense every hour.



Odin’s place

The farm is located about 25 minutes from Odense. Odense is the 3rd biggest town in Denmark,, with it’s just under 200.000 inhabitants. – So not that big at all.

Odense is one of the oldest towns in Denmark, and is mentioned in writing as early as 988 AD. So, it is well over 1000 years old and is built on top of one of six known viking castles, very likely built by Harald Bluetooth – the so called “Trelleborge”. The name Odense comes from Odin’s vig meaning Odin’s cove, or Odin’s holy place. It has most likely been a sacrificial site for Odin.

It is also the birthplace of fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, something the town is very proud of and you can visit his birth home here.

Odense is rich in museums, good eating, theatre and music life. In our view Odense is the perfect combination of charming village atmosphere and big city attractions. Worth a visit.

The Guest Apartment

After getting our Studio up and running the first area we concentrated on was the guest apartment.

Often clients book several day in a row, so we thought it makes a lot of sense to have a place to offer clients to stay in.

The apartment has it’s own entrance, a couple of rooms, a queen size bed, kitchenette, bath, linen and towels and Wifi. And, a couple of loaner bikes for trips in the surrounding country side, or shopping trips to close-by Aarup.

The guest apartment comfortable houses two people, but can be fitted for a family if needed. (We have the occasional family tattoo holiday happening, where mum or dad, or both, are getting tattooed while the rest of the family is chilling, or touristing around)

The guest apartment costs 300 Dkk pr. night