The Studio


Ginnungagap is the void before everything. In Nordic Mythology this is where Fire and Ice meet and create the first giant being of Ymir from whom the world is created. Ginnungagap is the vacuum of nothingness that needs to become something. The inevitability of creation.

Our Studio Symbol – The Ginnungagap Rune is our prayer and blessing. The union of Earth and Spirit, the Goddess and the God. Our feet solidly planted on the ground and our head in the sky.

Our banner, that we bring with us on markets and conventions, is made with much love over many months. It is hand embroidered with silk thread, on a traditionally hand colored flax canvas.

The background pattern is a combination of a the weave pattern found, amongst other places, on a dagger handle from around year 900, a pattern that Uffe often favors in his tattoos, some times symbolising armor, or fur. Overlaid is a more modern geometrical pattern weaving in with old. (Designed by our good friend Jacob Nesnetsirhc). We think this nicely symbolises what we do.




The Workspace

The first thing we did when we moved to the farm, was to make a studio space that works. We have set up the studio in one end of the main house. This is where we go to work every day. The studio comfortably has room for our work stations, drawing area, meeting/coffee break table and library. We like to think we have created a both “hyggeligt” (cozy, nice to be in), effective and creative workspace.

As nice as we think the current studio space is, we do have certain plans for the future that includes utilizing some of the space we have on the farm to make a studio separated from the main house with more space and, shall we say, more stylized to fit what we do.



Hygiene and Equipment

Ginnungagap Art is a registered tattoo studio, as required by Danish law, and so we are subject to regular control visits ensuring that we know what we are doing in terms of safety, hygiene, equipment and so on.

We all the have the knowledge and experience required to create and maintain a very high level of hygienic safety minimizing the risk of any cross contamination. And, the certificates to prove it.

All equipment that comes in contact with the clients skin is single-use and all needles come in sterile packaging. All equipment in the work area is covered with single-use materials during work, and every day the work area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The pens used to design on the skin are alcohol based, and are discarded at the end of the day.

All of our inks come from major producers such as: Eternal inks, Intenze and Siverback Ink, and we register the ink used on each individual client, in case a reaction to the ink should ever occur.











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