Ella was born and grew up in Denmark. Her passion for history and medieval fighting brought her to Italy where she studied sword fencing with the Italian master Massimo Malipiero.

Like Uffe she did a lot of medieval reenactment, this is also where she met Uffe for the first time in the early 2000’s. After returning from Italy she started her own combat group in Denmark where she taught sword fighting and also performed for many years.

Ella has been artistic and creative her entire life. She has written, directed and edited films, written stories, sculpted, cast bronze sculptures and through all of it she has drawn and painted, always from a naturalistic viewpoint. She has taught art to children as an extracurricular option offered by the municipality as well as offering artistic summer camp for these children.

She has always had a quite holistic approach to people, life and nature which is reflected in her artwork. Another great source of inspiration for her life and art has always been graphic novels. She has read, collected and also illustrated them her whole life. This passion also led her to found an art gallery together with several other artists which she ran for some time.

Ella grew up getting more and more attached to the punk scene, which to this day influence her personal style, taste in music and her support of human rights, especially when it comes to social injustices. She is the kind of person who sets her mind to something and achieves it and knows that there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you put your mind to it.

She now lives close to the Ginnungagap Farm with her two children and was headhunted by Uffe in 2022 for her amazing artistic style and talent. She has been an incredibly joyful edition to the Ginnungagap Art team.