Kybele was born in Germany in 1985 but moved to Sweden with her Swedish mother at a young age. Here she grew up and went on to get a MA in classical archaeology. History and anthropology have always been two of her biggest passions, not least because of her own heritage.

Kybele Swedish family stems from the Sami people and she was raised to have great pride in knowing where she comes from, although she will never claim to be one of them, that connection being taken as it has for many with indigenous heritage. However she grew up with both her creative parents working with among others traditional Scandinavian art, something that still is a great source of inspiration for her own style and is visible in many of her designs.

Her knowledge of where she comes from has also made her an avid supporter of indigenous as well as women’s and LGBTQ+ causes to help and support others to not loose their traditions and to take pride in who they are.

Tattooing is one of the ways she feels she can empower people and the practice of what we call Handpoking, a historical/ traditional method of tattooing, is her way of honoring and connecting to what came before.

Aside from her love for history, that has taken her to work and study abroad, she has always been passionate about languages and is fluent in German, Swedish, English and Danish, she has also studied some French.

Kybele first met Uffe in 2016 at a Viking market in Sweden and a year later they reconnected and started Ginnungagap Art together, where she started as the manger. In 2019 Uffe and Kybele moved to the Ginnungagap Farm where they now live and work.

In 2022 Kybele decided to leave the studio as manager and after some soul searching returned as an apprentace shortly after.

Until Kybele moved to Denmark she had several different jobs, among other things managing and booking Rockbands, teaching at a school and working on a cruise ship. She has always loved working with people and helping them succeed and find their own path.

She now feels she has found her path in life and is excited to see where it will lead her next.